Beyond the Bell Program

Dora Erickson was awarded a 21st Century Community Learning Center Grant which allows us to offer a free after school program, to 130 students. We will provide a variety of tutoring and enrichment opportunities. The program is segmented into five sessions during the school year. During each session, new enrichment classes will be offered, while some such as choir will be offered all year. In addition, the program offers academic supports in reading and math to support student's success in the regular school day. During each session, we will have a field trip and parent activity.

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The Beyond the Bell Community Learning Center program aligns with Dora Erickson's Collective Commitments:

  • High Academic Learning for Students
  • Positive School Culture
  • Growth Mindset
  • Safe Place for all
  • Engages Students
  • Has Parent Involvement

Our program objectives:

  • Advance students’ academic performance.
  • Help students develop social competence.
  • Promote the improvement of student health.
  • Provide educational supports to families.
  • Build sustainability through community support and partnerships.
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